Justin Bieber New Condo: Quick, Call the Decor Police! (PHOTOS)

justin bieber apartmentWord on the street has it that Justin Bieber is casting about for a place to settle down, and he's closing in on a high-rise condo in the Westwood area in Los Angeles. The condo is super luxurious and giant -- 2,400 square feet! What's a tiny little Biebs gonna do with all that space?

The enormous apartment has three bedrooms, four bathrooms (four?!), and will cost him a mere $1.7 million. But don't worry, that includes the use of a party room, concierge services, and plenty of room to park his Gallardo and Ferrari -- which just happen to match the black-and-white color scheme of the apartment.

One thing's for sure: it will be interesting to see what he does with this ultra-modern space.


justin bieber apartment

Clearly he'll have amazing views of the city from his balcony. Can you imagine how beautiful the scene will be at night? I see lots of teenage romancing happening on that balcony. I think he'll bring some color into the room though. Justin doesn't strike me as a strictly monochromatic guy. Plus, he's young and no kid wants to be surrounded by sterile white. If he doesn't paint the walls, he'll bring in tons of art and colorful accessories.


justin bieber apartment

I'm not sure Biebs is the dinner party type, so he may not keep the formal dining area. He'll definitely lose the antlered chandelier in favor of something a little more modern and fun. And those black-and-white damask chairs are going to be long gone. In fact, I could easily see the entire set of chairs being replaced by the uber-cool ghost chairs. He could get really wacky and go with fun chairs made of corrugated cardboard.


justin bieber apartment

Finally, the bathroom. A bathroom I'd actually kill for, I think. I love that orchid, but I don't see him keeping it once he moves in. I picture a piece of pop art sculpture there instead. And I love how everything is so crisp and clean -- maybe to match his good-boy image?

The only thing lacking is a shot of the closet. Which leaves us the big question: will he have enough room for all his shoes?

How do you think Justin Bieber will decorate his new place?


Images via ColdwellBanker

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