Ty Pennington & Nate Berkus Get Hammered: Who Won?

nate berkus I am a home design show whore. I will watch any home show, any time. I've got it so bad I will even watch Vanilla Ice do a makeover. But I do have my faves: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Nate Berkus Show.

In my house, we call Extreme Makeover: Home Edition the crying show. I start crying at the beginning when host Ty Pennington introduces the makeover family. I take a break from the waterworks, and then bawl after they "MOOOOOOOVEEE THAT BUS!!" I cry and I love it.

I am also in love with The Nate Berkus Show -- not so much emotion involved, but I've been a fan of Nate's since he was a guest designer on Oprah back in 2004. I love his hints, his tips, him.

Which begs the question: Are you with Team Ty or Team Nate? To decide which team I'm on, I devised a rating system, giving each design dude a certain number of hammers for each category. Let's see which guy I hammer the most, shall we?


Overall Show and Hosting Prowess

Ty: He's on only once a week, but he builds a whole friggin' house. Pretty amazing, but he has help, lots of help. And he only is helping one family (usually).

Score: 4 Hammers.

Nate: It is just him, solo, five days a week, enlightening millions on how to redo rooms, make-over closets. My favorite segment: "Paycheck to Paycheck," where he details how to put aside $30 a week to redo your living room. The fact he flies solo puts him a bit above.

Score: 5 Hammers.

Winner: Nate


Home Line: Do I Likey-Likey?

Ty: Available at Sears and online, his home line includes bedding, dishes, furniture, you name it. Kinda Asian-inspired, I really like it. Casual, interesting, usable.

Score: 5 Hammers.

Nate: He sells his home decor through HSN. I love me some good home shopping, but I wish I could see it in person too. His stuff is beautiful, a little glitzier for my taste, but gorgeous.

Score: 4 Hammers.

Winner: Ty


Eye-Candy, Book Sales, and Famous Friends Factor

Ty: He's cute. He's tall. He has a New York Times bestseller. He has a bunch of famous guests come on the show, but not sure who he hangs with.

Score: 3 Hammers.

Nate: Cute, dapper, chic. He also has a New York Times bestseller. As for friends, one word: Oprah.

Score: 5 Hammers.

Winner: Nate


Dinner Party Guest

Ty: Would I want him at a dinner party? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't really see him hanging on the couch and chit-chatting. And I would have to tell him to leave his bullhorn at home.

Score: 2 Hammers.

Nate: I think he could charm everyone at the table ... and he may have good Oprah scoop.

Score: 4 Hammers.

Winner: Nate

Well, there you have it -- no big reveal needed. I am firmly on Team Nate.

Are you on Team Ty or Team Nate?

Image via greginhollywood/Flickr

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