Best Looking Ways to Store Kid Books

Friends. Apologies for my absence last week. My excuse: I just moved to France. Woo hoo! The house we rented is fully furnished, so it has been pretty easy to get settled in quickly. But one project I do need to tackle is incorporating the books we brought with us into the already existing book collection.

So for today's dose of inspiration, I thought it would be fun to share some great ideas on how to display kids' books. Starting with this fabulous floor to ceiling option spotted on Ish and Chi. Isn't that a smart use of corner space? Notice how shallow the shelves are -- I'm betting something like this wouldn't be too difficult to DIY.


The dark-walled display was found on Ohdeedoh. If you look closely, you'll notice the books are suspended in fabric hung from dowels. So cute!

Lucky Satori gets her very own reading room. These shelves are made from inexpensive rain gutters (clever!) and are hung at kid level for easy access.

This image was spotted in Country Living. The text on the racks tells us this bookshelf is a repurposed display from a garden shop. Very retro cool.

On Little Chicago Bungalow, they shared these simple, beautiful shelves built from IKEA Ribba picture ledges. They sell for about $15 each.

And lastly, I love this image from Living Etc. It's hard not to love built-in bookshelves -- they add such architectural interest to a room.

Does that get your idea mill going? Any great kid book displays I've missed? I hope you'll share if you've found a great solution. Happy reading!


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