Snow Art to Make You Love Winter Again (PHOTOS)

snow sculptureAre you snowed in today? You're not alone as the never-ending snow storms blanket the U.S. yet again. You may be cursing as you look out your window right now, but let's try and make lemonade out of lemons. Or a unicorn out of three feet of snow, as it were.

If all you can think of to sculpt right now is one big middle finger, take a look at these magnificent works of art via Flickr for some snow-spiration. Then put on your snow suit and go crazy!




snow sculpture

Pretend it's springtime and/or you're in the Caribbean by creating a ginormous turtle.


snow sculptureIt doesn't get more magical than a unicorn. Unless they could have added a double rainbow, of course.

snow sculptureNow that's a snow fort!

snow sculptureThis will make you proud to be a snowed-in American.

What are you going to build out of the snow today?


Images (top to bottom): Tobyotter/Flickr, wedge_antilles_42 /Flickr, Happy Gecko/Flickr, Mulad/Flickr, jeffwilcox/Flickr

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