What Your Garden Gnome Says About You


travelocity gnomeGnomeo & Juliet hits theaters this Friday. I know what you're thinking: gnome trend alert!

Yes, I'm talking those ceramic 12-inch things you may see in your neighbors' yard. The little guy, red pointy cap, holding a faux-wood "Welcome to Our Home" plaque. With a little wink. 

The Travelocity gnome propelled his kind back into the forefront of All Things Kitsch. Despite his adorability factor, gnomes remain firmly in the "cute but really weird" file for me.

But, with this new kids' flick coming out, gnomes could dethrone Tinkerbell as the "it" woodland creature. People may flock to local garden stores for a gnome for their home.

Sigh. If it comes to that, please, I beg you, be careful. The kind of gnome (or how many) you opt to bring home says a lot about who you are.

Need proof? Here you go:


modern gnomeModern Gnome

This modern, sleek gnome screams you have wit, but you also have style.

scary gnomeScary Gnome 

When creepy and kitschy collide. You're not so wackerdoodle that your friends hide the knives when you come over, but you're torn as to what's more exciting: the midnight showing of Gnomeo & Juliet or the release of Paranormal Activity 2 on DVD. 

lego gnomeLEGO gnome

You didn't go buy a gnome -- you made your own! You have fabu design skills, though maybe too much free time on your hands.

punny gnomePunny Gnome

You have a certain sense of humor. You prefer Jay Leno over Conan. You love America's Funniest Home Videos.

plush gnomePlush Gnome

He's not waterproof, he's cuddly. You've moved beyond the garden and onto the couch. You are a child at heart. You see the fun of Life. You dress your gnome up at holidays and made a gnome-sized Snuggie for it.

bathtub gnomesBathtub Full of Gnomes

You have too many gnomes. You've applied to be on My Strange Addiction.

What kind of gnome do you have?

Images (top to bottom): Andre Choy/Flickr, creative tools/Flickr, jennzebel/Flickr, Bill Ward’s Brickpile/Flickr, hello-julie/Flickr, Soksia/Flickr, imjoshdotcom/Flickr

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jeann... jeannesager

I have a gnome addiction, I'll admit it. My favorite is a little gnome with a fake garden and a scene or Paris that my husband bought for my desk. He is my fellow wanderer.

Lynette Lynette

lol, I so want one

nonmember avatar Monzie

I'm a pretty avid gardener and generally don't like most lawn ornaments and tacky garden tchotchkes. I prefer to focus my efforts on my plants and flowers. But I've always had a soft spot for garden gnomes. I'd been threatening my husband that I was going to buy one for a long time and then one year, he gave me a gnome for our wedding anniversary. (What can I say? Some women get diamonds, some women get garden gnomes....ha.) He's a traditional German-style figure holding a little rake. I named him "Gnorman" and we've made a game out of hiding him in various places throughout our garden. The person who finds him has to move him to a different spot. So you could say that Gnorman really gets around.

Nancy A. Braski

Reading your  article on gnomes, prompted me to dig out my book, "Gnomes".  It's been in my book collection for many years; however, I haven't read it in many years!  What a delightful way to spend an afternoon, nursing a bad cold, sipping hot tea, and rereading this charming, colorful, beautifully illustrated book!  I highly recommend your purchasing it for you personal library!  (English translation copywright 1977 Unieboek B.V./Van Holkema & Warendorf - Published in 1977 by Harry N. Abrams. INC. NY)

Penny Nigel

I love garden gnomes! They're very colorful and amusing. I don't have a garden, so Fritz, Franz, and Fred live on the balcony. They don't have to work, and they get plenty of sun.

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