Using ProFlowers Coupon Code? Read This First!

bouquet of rosesOkay, so you have your ProFlowers coupon code at the ready and you know you want to send roses.

But what color rose should you send your beloved, the object of your desire, your schmoopeewhopee, to convey exactly the right sentiment?

We've pulled from the world of celebrities for a few examples. Who knows, maybe they can take some hints from our suggestions as well.


Red: The most famous color of roses. They are a little cliche, but, of course, no woman (including moi) will turn a bunch down. Red has many meanings -- love, respect, courage. Very classic. Very safe. I think this would be an excellent choice for Jared Kushner to send to his baby mama Ivanka Trump.

Orange/Coral: This color of rose is fun, exciting, vibrant. Hence, its meaning of desire is spot on. Perhaps Super Bowl MVP QB Aaron Rodgers will pass a bunch to maybe-GF Jessica Szohr

Pink and White: Seemingly innocent color combo actually has a pretty heavy "I love you and always will." Who's had a rough go of it lately? Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. With rumors of Ashton's infidelity flying last year, he'd better be dialing his florist.

Peach: This light color rose is pretty spicy with its "let's close the deal" connotations. Hmmmm, I think Zac Efron could be sending some Down Under to his new lady, Aussie actress Teresa Palmer

White: Sure, it means innocence and reverence, but it also means secrecy and silence. Who's more secret about their romance than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? RPattz, are you listening?

What color rose are you hoping for on Valentine's Day?


Image via sophiea/Flickr

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