Hanging With Cats at a Cafe Is Desperate, Weird & Crazy

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Japanese culture can be incredibly enlightening, entertaining, and sometimes jaw-droppingly frivolous. The cat cafe craze in Tokyo falls firmly into the third category. That's right, a cat cafe where people pay money to sit around with cats

For approximately $12 US an hour, you can hang out in one of the more than 50 neko cafes in Tokyo (there are over 100 nationwide) where cats just kind of lie around being cats. You can't wake them up if they're sleeping or pick them up, so you pretty much pay to have them in your air space. People seem to get great satisfaction just by smiling at them, and blogs have even popped up documenting especially desirable felines that are cafe regulars.

If you're hanging out in a cafe so you can socialize with a cat, here are five other places I think you should go to instead, the next time you need a boost from an animal who doesn't even give a crap about you.


1. Any Park

Because if you're staring lovingly at the animals at a park, you don't look crazy, just "earthy."

2. Church

Someone needs to be praying for your sad and boring ass.

3. Alcoholics Anonymous

At least the people there have interesting stories to tell.

4. Any Online Dating Site

Seriously, you've got to start dating.

5. Dog Park

Even without your own dog, it's less weird than PAYING MONEY TO LOOK AT CATS.

Would you hang out at a cat cafe?


Image via aturkus/Flickr

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