Huge Starbucks Trenta Cup Is Good News for Winos

wine in starbucks cupMove over Riedel. Step aside Waterford. A new wine decanter is in town. This one's from Starbucks.

I love Starbucks coffee. I love wine. Never did I image my two loves could come together.

But they have. Meet my new wine decanter: Starbucks Trenta cup. Seriously, we knew this new super-duper-larger-then-large cup of java was big, but I never knew just how big.

The Starbucks Trenta cup can hold a whole bottle of wine.



When Starbucks announced they were launching the Trenta, the 31-ounce size, I was excited. But after watching this dude provide a lovely visualization of just how much liquid -- java, wine or water -- the Trenta cups can hold, I'm more than excited. I'm impressed.

The fact he pours this yummy Cabernet Sauvignon into a dirty cup with ice cubes aside, I realized this could revolutionize my wine decanting. You know how hard those decanters are to clean -- too delicate to put in the dishwasher, the necks too tiny to get a proper sponge in there, I've often skipped the decanting step all together.

No longer! Come May 3, when Starbucks has promised to bring the Trenta to NYC (it is already in 14 states, but alas, not New York), I can properly let my vino breathe.

What will you use your Trenta cup for?

Images via you tube

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