Martha Stewart Creams David Letterman Over Jail Joke (VIDEO)

martha stewart and david letterman I know we were all watching the (cutest ad ever) Darth Vader commercial on You Tube last Friday night, so maybe you didn't catch David Letterman totally pissing off Queen of All Things Home-related Martha Stewart

Invited on the show to make some Super Bowl treats, Martha -- aka former inmate #55170-054 -- was blindsided by Letterman, who bombarded her with slammer jokes.

Oh, Dave, don't mess with Martha.


Funnyman Dave started right in with jail jokes, asking if Martha kept in touch with any of her former felons friends. Having to defend herself, she calmly replied it was a long time ago (and it was -- her five-month stint was back in 2004). Until obviously, she had had enough.

Armed with only a spatula, Martha did what she could to put Letterman in his place.

I love Letterman. He's close second to my leading late night guy Jon Stewart (no relation, I don't think, to Martha). Perhaps he was under the weather, perhaps he was tired from a long week. Who knows, but, Dave, c'mon, that jail stuff is such old news.

Who won the throwdown: Martha or Dave?

Image via You Tube

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