Working From Home Just Got a Lot Less Fun

working from homeTelecommuting makes more and more sense as the office place goes online. It can be a huge benefit for companies saving money on office space, and workers who save on transportation costs. Of course, some bosses may harbor doubts about how the employee is using his or her time while working for the man. And those bosses, now have an electronic ally.

Peerdrum is spyware that your boss can install on your computer to see what you're up to during your working hours. It takes a screen shot of your computer monitor every 10 minutes so if you're sucked into Perez Hilton, your boss could opt not to pay you for that wasted time.

I just heard a collective gasp from everyone who is reading this blog instead of writing that report right now.

One of the beauties of the telecommute is that no one knows if you've just thrown in a load of laundry before the conference call. But what about those employees who aren't multi-tasking, and instead use their billable hours to check out Internet porn?


Even if you do take a few minutes to check out some skin (not that I'm condoning that kind of behavior), if you get your job done, is it any of your boss' business? That depends on if you're the boss or the porn-loving employee, now doesn't it?

The obvious problem (aside from a huge lack of employee/employer trust) with Peerdrum is, who is going to look through all those screen shots? If your boss has time to look at your computer all day, perhaps your boss needs to be a part-time employee. Because that's a heck of a lot of time spent up your butt. And just think: Whoever started the groundbreaking blog, Garfield Minus Garfield, probably on his company's time, would never have had the opportunity to bring us such genius. That would be a shame.

Still, you know there some companies that will think this is a great idea, with little thought to the damage it will cause to morale, and the future of the blogosphere. Let's just hope you don't ever have to work for those companies.

Do you think it's a good idea for bosses to monitor their employees computer activity?


Image via Johan Larsson/Flickr

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