10 Totally Awesome Snow Storm Stories

snow storm digging car snow bankHey, did you hear it's snowing like mad all over the place? Haha, I'm sure you've heard some news like that -- and maybe you even heard something about the world currently being half covered in snow and ice. SnOMG! That's a heck of a lot of snow.

Despite some of the horror stories in the news as our planet is being pummeled by snow storms, there are some pretty awesome news stories to be shared -- be they silly, heartwarming, heroic, or unbelievable. We've tracked down some of the most awesome snow stories of the week.


So you probably heard it's snowing a lot, but did you hear ...

1. A baby boy was born in a snow-stuck ambulance during a storm in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2. It snowed in Mexico!

3. A car crashed in the snow and landed -- vertically!

4. During a snow storm in Connecticut, a news team stopped reporting to drive an elderly blind man to his dialysis treatment.

5. Even when it's snowing, some people actually crave ice cream -- so intensely that they'll brave thundersnow to get some.

6. Pickle juice can be used to melt snow. Wait, what?

7. Celebrity illusionist David Blaine had to hail a snow plow in NYC to get his laboring fiance to the maternity ward.

8. A man in Canada held up a store with a snow brush. Funny thing is he actually got away with some cash ...

9. A laboring and overdue pregnant woman walked through snow to the hospital in Chicago.

10. Snow is seriously testing people's faith.

What's the most awesome snow storm story you've heard this week?


Image via nathanmac87/Flickr

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