Duct-Tape Porsche Runs, But Still Might Not Impress Your Friends

pedal car porsche

Pedal-powered Porsche? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Porsches are supposed to be these lean, mean driving machines, full of horsepower and guts and things that make them generally badass. But if you replace that with a Fred-Flintstone style pedal car, can you even still call it a Porsche?

Most definitely yes! You just have to adjust your definition a little. Instead of a lean, mean driving machine, you are now the proud owner of a lean, green driving machine.

All you need is one genius MacGyver-type artist (enter Hannes Langeder), lots and lots of PVC pipe, and tons of duct tape, and you too could have a replica Boxter -- one that runs completely on pedal power. Sound like a tall order? It only took him a mere 1,000 hours! See how he did it.


porsche toy

This toy Porsche Boxter was the inspiration for the entire pedal car project.


pedal car frame

This is the engine! Yep, all of it. The car is entirely powered by the driver's pedalling.


porsche frame

Can you believe that the entire frame is PVC pipe?


porsche frame

The "body" of the car is nothing more than layers of duct tape -- how very manly!


pedal car porsche

The finished product hits the streets after a coat of gold paint. This mobile sculpture is meant to be a statement on our achievements as a civilization -- what have we actually achieved and is something as coveted as the Porsche really worth it? Is what the Porsche symbolizes -- speed and power -- really worth anything when the car is completely dependent on its driver for power or is the car just an empty shell?

What do you think of this lean, green driving machine?


Images via Ferdinand Johannes

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