Your Wall-Mounted Kiddie Keepsake Makes You Seem Weird

army man artwork wall artCall me unsentimental, but I don't have any of the stuffed animals from my childhood. Either they became worn and tattered into unhygienic wads of matted cotton or I outgrew them -- and, well, fell out of love. No need to hang onto them in either case.

Apparently, however, some people get really sentimental about their old toys and playthings, such as that dear, sweet Mr. Army Man over there on the right, and they feel the need to mount gigantic photographed images of them on the walls of their adult homes. And if that's not weird enough, they'll pay upwards of $500 for such a keepsake

Why God?


Christian Jaillite, the managing director of Elizabeth Eakins, a rug and fabric company, took a photo of his son's beloved and well-worn stuffed hippo and hung it in the dining room of his suburban New York home. Just for the fond memory and fun of it, I guess.

Jaillite said:

Most kids have a blanket or toy that they attach themselves to. For my son, Hippo is it. I thought that one day we may want to remember Hippo, so I decided to photograph it.

And so he did and then he blew it up to 45 x 60 and had it fancy mounted. Who knows why a more reasonable 8 x 10 of Hippo couldn't suffice, but the idea caught on with friends enough that he started a business shooting people's memorabilia, keepsakes, and other beloved things and gallery mounting them into wall art.

Here are some examples:

Teddy Bear artwork -- so very sophisticated!

teddy bear art

Stuffed dog art -- fairly creepy!

stuffed dog toy artwork wall art

And, uh, Silly Bandz artwork -- what???

sillyband artwork

Seriously, people, I gotta draw the line at Silly Bandz in an ornate frame. That's just ludicrous! No one (no one!) can possibly be that attached to their dang Silly Bandz.

What do you think of this idea? Would you want to preserve a beloved object or kids' toy this way?


Images via Hippopota

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