Indoor Park Is Snowstorm Antidote (PHOTOS)

indoor parkNew Yorkers, I feel for you. You've been blasted with ice, snow, thundersnow, and out of control snow plows smashing up your SUVs. You've had it! You need some springtime relief. You need to sit in the park, look at the grass, and listen to the birds chirp. Guess what? You can!

Park Here is an indoor park/art exhibit in SoHo where you can escape from the snow and kick back on a park bench. Yep, it's a pop-up park to save winterized, angry New Yorkers from the dreary days of winter that aren't even close to being over yet. (Sorry.) The 4,500-square-foot space has been transformed into an urban oasis to trick your mind into thinking it's warm outside.

Check out these happy park-goers.


indoor park

Going to the park is a great way to meet people! Especially people starved for human interaction in the depths of winter.

indoor parkBring a picnic or grab food from one of the vendors who are very happy to not be serving food from a truck outside on the snow-packed streets.

You can also enjoy lunchtime yoga in the park, dine on lobster rolls, play bocce ball, and of course -- nap.

How many of you wish you had an indoor park in your city right about now?


Images via Openhouse Gallery

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