How Kinky Is Your Hometown?

kinky map R. Luke DuBuisArtist R. Luke DuBois spent more time than anyone ever should hanging out on 21 dating sites including and Why? In order to learn more about who we Americans really are and how we define ourselves. DuBois didn't set out looking for the usual dull facts like our income levels, industries, homes, and ages. Instead, he opted to dig in a bit more and get to the heart of people from place to place.

Here are some of the more interesting things DuBois learned in his study. Kinky, shy, brave, dutiful, you might be surprised what words the people in your hometown used most to describe themselves ...


DuBois says:

... facts and figures, interesting and useful as they may be, are not really us. What if, instead of seeing our country though the lens of income, we knew where people said they were shy? What if, instead of looking at whether we own or rent our homes, we looked at what people do on a Saturday night? What if, instead of tallying ancestry or the type of industry in which we work, we found out what kind of person we want to love?

Yes, indeed -- what if?

DuBois compiled the adjectives that online daters used to describe themselves and then dropped them onto a map, according to the daters' zip codes. State by state and city by city, all kinds of quirky self-defining information began to bubble to the surface.

  • In L.A., you might find Dutiful Xenophobic Actors
  • In San Francisco, Flamboyant Mouthwatering Immortals
  • Head to Queens if you're big on XXX and PhDs
  • In the Bronx, watch out for Hustlers and PMS (or oh my, Hustlers with PMS!)
  • You just might find Brave Unkempt Bookkeepers in Mississippi
  • Don't miss the Happy Hardworking Divas in Texas
  • Utah is where you can score a Swell Scorching Mormon
  • And if getting Kinky is your thing, be sure to pay a visit to Northeastern Iowa

DuBois' maps contain 20,262 unique words. He analyzed the online dating profiles of 19,095,414 single Americans. Check out DuBois' map for yourself and see who the people in your hometown think they are.

What adjectives do the people in your town most self-identify with, according to DuBois' map?


Image via R. Luke DuBois

These maps contain 20,262 unique words, based on the analysis of online dating profiles from 19,095,414 single Americans.

Each word appears in the place it’s used more frequently than anywhere else in the country.
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