Google Helps You Buy a House

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Am I For Sale? Google Knows
Even if you don't work for the Internet superstar and have all those stock options in your back pocket, Google can give you a hand in your search for a home. A little-known feature on Google Maps lets you plug in a street address, then when you select 'show search options,' you can select 'real estate' to see what houses are for sale in the area. I know, neato!

To drill down you can select the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and all of those other real estate details, and voila: house listings with photos and that stalk-i-rific Google street view option as well.

I'm officially addicted.

But if you want to find your dream home, you'd better click on right now, before it's too late!


According to Curbed, Google is dropping the real estate function on February 10 due to "low usage." But I say, keep it, Google! I think the real estate button is more a victim of bad marketing than a lack of interest. Heck, I've been looking at real estate for the past year and only heard about the feature today! And I'm your target market, Googlers.

Let's get those page views up so Google can keep this fun feature on its map site. Even if you're not looking for a house, you can do some virtual shopping in your neighborhood of choice. Or, just spy on your neighbors and be the first to know who's moving out of the cul-de-sac. Which is the primary purpose of Google, anyway.

Do you love the Google real estate option?


Image via firepile/Flickr

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