'Cake Boss' Star Sal Picinich Found the Secret Ingredient

cake boss salSal Picinich, one of the bakers on TLC's hit show Cake Boss, has lost a long battle with cancer at the age of 63. So young. So sad. He will be missed.

What? You never heard of Sal Picinich? Well maybe that's the point. A more unassuming, down-to-earth, humble, amazing person you've probably never met. Picinich is amazing because he lived his entire life doing one job with more passion and devotion than most: baking.

Sal was the very foundation of the bakery, spending nearly every day for 45 years prepping and baking the cakes that made Cake Boss Buddy Valastro so famous.


Despite all his seniority, even over Buddy, despite all the awards and recognition, he never once asked for more. He was content to do his job and do it well, without grabbing for a bigger piece of the pie.

That's a rare thing in a man, especially now, when we live in an age of greed and ambition, grasping at straws and doing anything to get ahead -- always to get ahead, to get more money, more power, more everything. But Sal just wanted to be good at what he did.

He became like a second father to Buddy. Thanks to the bakery, he met his wife Lucille when he was just 21 (she was 16). As with his marriage to his wife, he remained loyal to the bakery for his entire life, something that is unheard of these days. And he may just have happened upon the secret to life in the meantime.

What if we all followed his example? What if we all worked for the sake of doing the best job we can do, just at our job? What if we dedicated ourselves wholly to quality work, instead of splitting our attention by constantly reaching and grabbing at the next big thing? Wouldn't we be a lot more satisfied with our lives and ourselves?


Image via TLC

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