A Budget Wedding to Die For

getting married at a funeral home
Better Than a Banquet Hall?
Trying to have a fabulous wedding on a budget? Perhaps you should consider what more and more brides are doing to save a buck -- getting married at a funeral home. Perhaps it's not the most romantic place in the world, and the words "'til death do us part" will have a whole new level of depth that you probably don't want to think about on your big day, but this hot new trend is taking off, and not just with goth chicks. (Although how I would have loved this idea when I was in my all-black phase.)

In fact, the Community Life Center in Indianapolis is hosting 99 weddings this year, in addition to its usual business of tending to the dead. While one bride made sure her ceremony would be out of sight of the cemetery, another one requested the vows take place next her Grandmother's grave-site.

Yes, I'm having mixed feelings about the vibe of this venue myself.


I mean, first Wal-Mart starts selling fresh, organic produce and now people are getting married in funeral homes. And they say America is losing its competitive edge. Any day now I expect Starbucks to open a rehab. Still, I'm trying to get behind this idea that makes great use of existing space, and allows couples to not start their marriage off in wedding party debt.

The pros of having your big day in a funeral home are as follows:

  • You get a beautiful home, for a fraction of the cost.
  • You can count on a field full of party crashers, but at least they won't eat much.
  • You'll gain a perspective about life with your beloved that the local banquet hall just can't match.

The cons:

  • All of the obnoxious "married and buried" jokes.
  • It's going to be quite the buzzkill if a funeral pops up on the same day as your celebration. You can't plan those things, you know.
  • It's incredibly creepy.

Would you get married in a funeral home?


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