Brittany Murphy Home Auction Is the Final Heartbreaker

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Brittany Murphy
The shocking death of actress Brittany Murphy in her Hollywood Hills home in December 2009, followed by the death of her husband Simon Monjack in the same home a few months later, was very unsettling -- and really really sad. Both Murphy and Monjack died suddenly five months apart, but their deaths were marked with the same accidental cause: community acquired pneumonia, exacerbated by iron deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication.

In a heartbreaking end to this saga, Brittany Murphy's home was auctioned off this morning, a formality that just seems to make the intense bleakness surrounding her sudden death weigh a little heavier today. After all, once our homes and our material things are no more, isn't that when we truly begin to disappear?


Brittany Murphy's 8,000-square-foot home on 1.29 acres, which was left to her mother Sharon after her death, went into foreclosure and was set to auction off this morning. I'm sure this will be a great relief in some ways to Murphy's mom, who faced both tragic deaths and their emotional media-heavy aftermaths.

At the same time, the erasure of assets, for anyone who has had to go through this process after the loss of a loved one, is such a painful reminder of how temporary life is. Even a life as young, vibrant, and seemingly alive as Brittany Murphy's seemed to be can be seemingly erased in a matter of minutes. As Brittany's possessions get "reset" into the universe, her once-bright light becomes a little less tangible.

That's life, I know. We all know. Some of us have been there. Most of us will be faced with selling off our loved ones' homes or worldly possessions at some time in our lives. Unfortunately, this is just one of the extremely difficult ways in which we have to begin to let go of the physical person and start celebrating their spirit.

Have you ever had to deal with selling the home of a loved one who passed away?


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