Jesse James & Sandra Bullock Home Finally Sells (PHOTOS)

Jesse & Sandra's Love NestIs Jesse James really having the best year of his life? If you call being publicly humiliated, losing the best thing he ever had, and selling his home for less than $2 million than the asking price, then heck yea! That guy is living the dream!

We've been keeping tabs on Jesse's real estate situation since he and Sandra split, and he put the house they shared, but he owned, on the market for $6.75 million. It is a beachfront property, but I can't say I'm surprised the lying cheater had a tough time unloading the big box last year. It took until December to finally get $4.5 million for the four-bedroom, 4.25-bathroom home. (What is a 4.25 bathroom, by the way? Toilet, no sink?)

In fact, here are a zillion, or five, reasons why the soon-to-be newlywed had such a tough time selling his pad.

  • Because everyone's on Team Sandra, duh.
  • It looks more like a retail storefront than a multimillion-dollar home.
  • He's a douchebag, and no one wants to give $6.75 million to a douchebag. Especially in a recession.
  • No one wants to sleep where Michelle "Bombshell" McGee slimed.
  • He lets wildlife into his waterfall pool. See? That's a duck!

jesse james house

Do you think this looks like a $6.75 million home?

Images via Your Waterfront Dream Home

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