Clashing With Curtains Is a Bad Reason to Dump Your Dog

What would make you give up your dog? For many people, the answer is "absolutely nothing, not one thing." Their pooches are their best friends and no amount of bad behavior or pricey vet bills are going to send their baby to the pound.

And then there's lovely people like this woman in England who returned her dog to the shelter where she had adopted him after two days, saying he didn't go with her curtains.

Lame. And extra lame because the dog was a Jack Russell terrier, who are not known for having a wide variety of colors; they're pretty much white and shades of brown and black.

That may be the lamest reason ever to get rid of a dog, but there are some others:

  • He dislikes barking.
  • He's too nice to your kids.
  • She licks up every morsel that hits the ground, so there's nothing left for the cockroaches.
  • Her coat's just too soft and snuggly.
  • All that unconditional love is just too much to live up to.
  • Their big, sad puppy dog eyes make you feel guilty.
  • You're just meeting too many of the neighbors when you take him for walks.

In all seriousness, people get rid of dogs for some truly terrible reasons. A lot of people complain bitterly when shelters make them jump through a lot of hoops to get a dog, but that's to ensure people know exactly what they are getting into. Often, a lot of the issues that lead people to send their dogs back to the pound can be easily fixed with a little time and money invested in training. Take it from someone who was ready to send her dog back after the third pair of shoes she chewed; it can and does get better.


Image via B Napa/Flickr

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