Home Depot Dumbs Down to Attract Women


Want to attract women to your store? Home Depot has the perfect idea: Simply treat them like toddlers!

The home improvement giant is attempting to lure female customers by simplifying its store aisles. The new "improvements" will include the addition of a variety of products from Martha Stewart Living, which are labeled with matching icons (like moons and stars) to alert women as to which items coordinate together. Oooooh, I love shapes!

And, if the shapes weren't enough, then there's always new female-friendly paint colors: Nothing screams estrogen quite like choose between "Cornbread" and "Bay Leaf." Simply delicious! I WANT TO EAT MY WALLS!

This new idea angers me to no end. Why? Just last weekend, I went to the home store to buy carpet, caulk, and a TV stand -- none of which had these fancy shmancy symbols on them. Yet, I still made it out of there all in one piece.

So, Home Depot, you and your "woman friendly" new way of things can go shove it.

I don't know about you, fellow ladies, but I absolutely love home construction. In fact, my boyfriend stared at me in awe last weekend as I put together that TV stand without any help. I jump at the chance to put a paint brush in fresh paint and would love nothing more than hammering up a shelving unit and finding that it's indeed level, with my level ... that belongs in my very own tool box.

Home Depot's "dumbed down" version of home improvement items makes me feel like they don't think I can do it; and it makes me want to prove every single last executive wrong. What ... are we not "man enough" to access the home-goods warehouse like our male counterparts? Because I wear a D cup bra and have an obsession with Boxom mascara, does that mean I can't pick out my own flooring or a ceiling fan without someone telling me which ones "go together?"

Seriously, give me a break.

What do you think about Home Depot's new feminine approach?

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vicesix vicesix

Seriously? You can't find anything more offensive to get in a tizzy over?

Home decorating and improvement isn't really my forte, so anything a store can do to help simplify things for those of us who could use a little extra help is appreciated. Of course, I don't go around looking to get offended over nothing either, so perhaps that's another difference between you and me.

Jenny... JennyG0929

It's like Garanimals!

momto... momtothemax2910

whomever came up with this ridiculous idea has evidently not been in a store. We have a few in our area and I always see more women than men.

What waste if time money and resources.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Whatever.  I think there are far more important things to get twisted up over.  If you don't like the store, complain to them and don't shop there anymore.

toria... toriandgrace

Home Depot would be far more "female friendly" if they actually had employees to help when you don't know where something is. I don't know about other Home Depots, but the one out here never has anyone to help. You push the little page button and wait forever. I prefer Lowes, just personally.

lovin... lovinangels

I can't find anything in home depot. and the employees are rude and clueless.


Wow. That's pretty amusing. I guess some females need that, but not all. Don't forget, some guys need that, too (yep, it's true - not all guys know what they're doing and I have seen it when walking through a Home Depot or other DIY store)..so this is a tad sexist - don't ya think? Nice.

nonmember avatar LJ

I don't think this is Home Depot's idea -- it's the Martha Stewart line. And her products are marketed more toward women. And as far as Home Depot goes, I find it hit or miss. Sometimes I can't find help for the life of me and/or the person I finally find sometimes knows less than I do (like last night, for instance). If you go at their busiest times, you do have to wait for help. They have cut back on the number of employees as the economy and competition (Lowe's just opened here a couple of years ago) have necessitated. If you want low prices, you have to adjust with them; they can't continue having a skilled employee in every aisle without raising prices to pay them.

bibdy... bibdybobdyboob

LMAO at JennyGo's comment.

I am not a Home Depot fan.  I find the layout confusing.  My husband wanted a sander for Christmas so I went to the woodworking aisle and they were not there.  They ended up being in the "tool corral" and I still needed help.  My husband said I don't think like a man - that sanders are used for other things besides woodwork.  Sigh.

Dumb it down please, Home Depot.  Dumb it down for ME.   I want every aisle labeled clearly with every single item that might be down it. :-D

lilel... lilelvengirl

I usually have no problem finding what I need, be it an employee to ask a question or products.  And being the only one in our household that's set foot in a hardware store in the past 4 or 5 years, I'm wondering if the 'dumbing down' isn't actually for the clueless men, and not women. :-D

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