Oprah Sister Lives in a Shack! Let's Help Her Decorate

Oprah is known for surprising her audience members with fabulous gifts, and genuinely giving a big portion of herself to causes that come close to her heart.

So imagine how upset Oprah must be after finding out that her long-lost sister, Patricia, lives in a measly 1,070-square-foot home (click to see it!) -- a mere shack compared to Oprah's digs -- worth around $55,500 in Milwaukee!

Oprah, this is serious. It looks like your sister needs you. In 2001, you bought a house in Santa Barbara for roughly $50 million. With spending habits like that, I'm sure you have few extra housewares lying around your pad ... right? Let's see what we can find to make your new-found baby sis a little more comfortable.

And what a coincidence these items are worth nearly as much as Patricia's house!





Hastens mattress

This Hastens Vividus mattress costs a measly $49,500. The Swedish-based bedding manufacturer uses only solid pine, a personalized brass plaque signed by the "master craftsmen," and contains layers of hand-teased horsehair, wool, and cotton. The killer? That there's a global waiting list that's months long.


coffee table

This coffee table by David Lloyd Thompson is one-of-a-kind, perfect for Oprah's sister. For the $50,000 price, you'll be able to enjoy its pop-out center console complete with more than 20 coats of finish! JACKPOT! And of course, no coffee table is complete without a few ...

wine glassesWine glasses! With the new launch of her OWN network (pun intended), Oprah has a lot to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with some vino? For just $3,750 apiece, O can lend Patricia a set of eight of these fine wine glasses for $30,000, no problem!


What says "I'm so happy to have you in my life" more than The Ultimate Luxury Candle? For a set of 8 candles (costing chump change at $39,960), Oprah's sure to form a lasting bond with her sister that will last a lifetime.

OK -- you've got me. So maybe Oprah doesn't own all of these lavish housewares. And even if she doesn't want to lend over her favorite china, I'm sure simply buying her a new home will suffice. That, or a trip to Australia.

Do you think Oprah should help out her sister Patricia?

Image via greginhollywood/Flickr

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