Entertain Your Friends With Household Objects (VIDEO)

sampled room viral video
Not Just For Drinking, Anymore
Don't stress out about unexpected guests anymore! Or spend a lot of money on entertainment for your next birthday party. Instead, do like these people did and grab a wine glass, some tape, and even your thong underwear (ummm, maybe not that one) and get to making some music. In fact, you could probably find an item in every room of your home that could be held up to a microphone and used to create a stereophonic wonder to amaze your guests without hiring that Journey cover band. Which you know you were planning on doing, admit it.

This video called "Sampled Room" has been making the Interweb rounds, and you'll be amazed at what simple household objects are capable of, making rhythmic, as well as melodic, sounds. Put it all together, and you have a work of art.

Check out "Sampled Room" for inspiration:


I'm partial to the hairdryer noise, myself.

Just looking around my living room, I can see a jacket with a zipper, a space heater, and a magic wand (note -- not a real one) that could all be used in recording some interesting tunes. It's kind of like when you put a kid in a room full of toys and he grabs the empty cardboard box. We don't actually need a zillion things to entertain us if we just get creative.

Quick, look around the room you're in right now.

What kind of music could you make with things in your home?

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