Bed Sharing With a Pet Can Kill You

sleping with dogs killsA very disturbing study for pet-lovers is being published in the CDC journal next month that says your dog or cat can make you sick with lethal diseases if you let them into your bed. Even more so if you kiss your dog, or let your cat lick you. Or all three. (Which, really, come on now, you know that's not sanitary.)

In fact, snuggling up to your dog can give you MRSA, as it did one couple who kept getting the potentially deadly, and decidedly unpleasant, infection before the dog cuddling was found to blame.

Even though it's rare, the veterinary scientists behind this study realize more and more people are sleeping with their pets, so they wanted to ring the alarm that some people can get seriously ill by close contact with their dogs. And cats are even worse.


For example, a 9-year-old boy in Arizona got the plague from sleeping with his cat, who was flea-infested. Fleas being one of the most common carriers of disease, and fleas loving dogs and cats. Cat scratch disease is also more dangerous in children, and yes, it's a very real infection that attacks the lymph nodes. Your cat can even give it to you by walking across the counters if you then prepare food before cleaning the counter thoroughly. I know. Gross.

Communicable diseases are especially dangerous for children or people with immune problems, and those individuals are more likely to contract a disease from a pet than a healthy adult. Even more important for disease prevention is to take your pet to regular check-ups and keep him flea-free.

Are you creeped out yet? Even though my dog gets a monthly flea treatment, guess what dog isn't getting into my bed tonight? Sorry, Eli, it's back to the dog bed until I can prove you won't be spreading the plague to the humans in the household.

Will you still let your dog or cat sleep in your bed after reading this?


Image via Joi/Flickr

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