Texting Fountain Lady Plunges Into Legal Battle

It appears that Cathy Cruz Marrero is not enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. She's the lady who ended up taking an impromptu swim when she walked right into a fountain while she was texting away at a mall. The video of the incident, which has been all over the Internet, shows her staring intently at her phone and then splash.

She showed up on Good Morning America with her lawyer this morning, threatening to sue the mall (I'm not clear on whether she's going to sue them for having a fountain right there, or for allegedly releasing the video, in which case she has a point).

The one part where I felt sorry for her was when she teared up, saying, "No one came to my aid. No one helped me." Awww. It's gotta suck to not only have something like that happen and everyone just stands there gaping at you, but then to have that enormously embarrassing moment go viral.

But seriously, people, let this be a warning to you: PUT THE DAMN PHONE AWAY.


What Marrero did was stupid and careless, and she admits that now. And I bet you're picturing a bubble-gum snapping, text-addicted teen right about now, huh? Nope, Marrero is 49 and old enough to know better. It could have been much worse. She could have run smack into someone or fallen down the stairs. Imagine if she was walking outside instead of in the mall. She could have easily stopped in front of a car. We know about the dangers of texting while driving, but texting while walking? That's new.

But the same rules apply: Few things are so urgent that a text can't wait until you reach your destination (Marrero was texting her birthday and that of her husband to someone at her church). Or, stop and move off to the side of the traffic flow before reading and answering your text. And yes, you might be nodding in agreement now, but how many people actually do it? Not very many. If you find you can't wait ... you may have a problem. And could end up being the next Internet laughingstock.


Image via Kerry Vaughan/Flickr

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