How Many Glenn Becks Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

cflPop quiz! Who said the following: "I hate fluorescent light bulbs, hate them with everything in me. Hate them, hate them, hate them."

A) Glenn Beck; B) Yours truly. Give up? It's a trick question! We both said it. Which means (gulp), Glenn Beck and I actually agree on something. We have something in common. We have a common goal. It's a nightmare come true!

But here's where we part ways: Glenn hates CFLs so much that he's decided to perpetuate the myth that Congress is trying to outlaw regular light bulbs.


Put aside for a moment the fact that Congress thinks making laws about light bulbs is a good use of their time. What Glenn Beck and a few others (including that oldie-but-goodie Rush Limbaugh) are trying to convince you of is that Congress loves CFLs so much that they now want to outlaw any and all incandescent bulbs.

What the bill actually does is phase out the most inefficient of the incandescent bulbs -- but offers special exceptions for more than 20 types of bulbs. And it wants labeling on other bulbs, much like the Energy Star label on appliances.

Glenn Beck calls this policy socialist and is actually part of the "Down With Upton" campaign aimed at taking down the congressman who introduced the bill. Because "it’s a pain in the neck, it doesn’t solve global warming, and they are ugly."

Now, I might hate CFLs every bit as much as Glenn Beck, but I can't see using them as a political weapon. Really, who cares?? 


Image via Cipherwa/Flickr

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