Is Halle Berry Secretly a Ren Faire Geek? (PHOTOS)

halle berry Halle Berry's home seems like it would be much like her fashion sense -- very modern, very feminine, and even a little cutting edge. And maybe a little bit traditional, but still with an edge.

Not so! Instead of modern-traditional, her mansion is filled with antiqued woods, wrought iron, and heavy drapes. It appears that she might have a little bit of Ren Faire geek hidden beneath that banging body. Her Beverly Hills mansion is redolent of medieval decor, right down to tapestry-like shower curtains.

We haven't heard much from Halle lately, and I'm starting to fear that she is holed up somewhere in that house with Doritos and Mountain Dew, playing a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons.


halle berry

A perfectly medieval entrance -- the only flaw is the complete lack of a moat or portal for dousing invaders with boiling oil.

halle berry

This entryway would be completely amazing if not for the weird castle-wall texture. Still, there is a basket for storing your chain-mail once you've finished jousting for the day.

halle berry

The great dining hall, complete with long wooden trestle table -- and more of that horrible brick. Can't you just feel the chill in the air? More mead to warm us up!

halle berry

Be sure to check the couch cushions for multi-sided dice -- you'll need them for the big LARP event going on later.

halle berry

Thank god! That horrible brick has disappeared. Too bad it's been replaced by about 12 different textures, all of which clash. And kudos on the glaze on the vanity that makes it look perpetually dirty.

halle berry

Why is this kitchen so tiny? She lives in a freaking mansion! Looks like the fridge can hold plenty of Dew and Red Bull at least.

halle berry

This is what I'm talking about. Insanely expensive tapestry used as a shower curtain! So chic! So practical!

halle berry

Oh good, she hasn't forgotten the treasure. All good medieval castles need a proper treasure chest in the bedroom; that way she can roll around on all her gold.

What do you think of the medieval look? Does it match her personality?


Images via Luxist

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