Forget Martha Stewart: Amy Sedaris' Poor People Crafts (Videos)

Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris demonstrates making hot dogs on a rake

Comedian Amy Sedaris has just made my entire Sunday with her hilarious new YouTube channel. In a whole lineup of short but excruciatingly funny videos, Amy outlines projects in her book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. From Sedaris's over-the-top homemade outfits and ludicrously kooky craft ideas to her brilliantly crafted underhanded remarks and deadpan delivery, this is such a fun way to poke a little fun at the crafting revolution.

After all, crafting is expensive! One stop in the now-super-hip crafts department will make us all poor people. Time to get creative! Really creative ...

Here are a few of our favorite Amy Sedaris spoofs ...


From the Amy Sedaris YouTube channel:

If you're crafty and have a silly sense of humor, you're going to love these video spoofs from Amy Sedaris. Check out of few...

You're going to need fake nails and mayonnaise for this potato craft (oh, and a matching two-piece gingham outfit)!

Because squirrels and birds love donuts!

This one about making hot dogs on a rake made me spit out my morning coffee laughing. You'll see why:

What kooky crafts are you up to this weekend?


Image via Amy Sedaris YouTube channel

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