Home Decor Tip: Put a Bird on It

put a bird on itIf you live in any community that supports its DIY art scene, or if you just log on to Etsy, you'll see the bird motif on everything from wallpaper to kitchen towels. It's adorable, and I admit to having more than one bird-themed item in my home myself.

However, bird decor is surely on the verge of extinction. And the death knell has been rung in Portlandia, as Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein illustrate the overuse of the throwback to folk art trend. For the full effect of bird magic turned bad, watch from start to finish.

Finished? Let's discuss.


It's true, real birds are kind of gross but pictures of them are adorable. Funny that. You're totally going to think twice before you pick up that sweet bluebird bedspread, aren't you? And what about those people, of whom I know several, who went all bird and now have tattoos that are sure to be out of style any second now?

So what's a woodland creature-loving gal to do when birds have jumped the shark? Some people are trying valiantly to maintain the idea with an owl twist -- which I'm also digging. So maybe stretch out your decor idea with some barn or snowy varieties for now.

But next year, you'll have to find a new trendy animal to plaster on things. My vote is for the buffalo.

Do think bird decor is still in or way out?


Image via IFC

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