Banned IKEA Ad: I Don't Get It (VIDEO)

banned ikea adA German ad for IKEA that has apparently been banned has now made its way to the international Internet waves, so we can see what all the fuss is about. I've watched it twice now, and maybe I'm just not getting in touch enough with the tiny amount of Deutsch in my heritage, but I don't get it. I don't get why it might be so offensive the discount + design home goods chain never wanted it to see the light of day. I'm also not getting what's so funny about the whole thing either.

Maybe you need to be Swedish to grasp the offensiveness and/or humor in this ad that takes us through a day of the Swedish Midsummer Celebration. As the title cards present us with: Dancing, Eating, Partying, and The Morning After, it feels like a Saturday Night Live sketch that goes on too long. There didn't appear to be any home furnishing pushes in the ad either, to tie it up nicely. Which may be the real reason IKEA HQ canned the ad.

Take a look, and tell me if this offends or delights you:


Doesn't it feel like making fun of a bunch of goofy stereotypes? As in, not actual Swedish people? Although, hey, maybe everyone in Sweden does dress up like this and have bad teeth, bad hair, and guzzle schnapps like it's going out of style. And maybe the people at the Swedish furniture chain are furious that the Germans outed their outrageous tradition on the third Friday in June where the sun stays in the sky well past nighttime. Because it needs to be kept a secret that all Swedes become wildly unattractive on the longest day of the year!

Or maybe it's just not funny. And the ad team is calling it "banned" rather than "rejected for lack of interest."

Do you think this is funny, offensive, or neither?


Image via YouTube

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