National Dress Up Your Pet Day: Boycott & End Pet Torture! (Photos)


dog blue coat runningI don't care if some animal torturer parading as an animal lover named January 14th National Dress Up Your Pet Day. That doesn't mean you have to partake! Dogs and cats don't want to wear clothes. They are not cold. They don't want to play dress-up. They don't feel naked without their tutus. It wasn't Eve the Cocker Spaniel that bit into the apple, people, it was Eve, the woman. Thus, women want to wear clothes. Not dogs. Not cats. Got it?

But we think it's soooo cute, don't we? Well, it's time to put an end to the torture. It's just not natural to dress up your animals. This poor dog at the right actually thought he could outrun that blue coat. Poor dude. He ran for 47 miles, but I'm glad he could amuse you. Glad you found it adorable.

Let's give some self-respect back to our pets today by boycotting this torturous made-up holiday. Not on board with the boycott? Well, maybe the following horrifying photos of costume-tortured animals will change your mind ...

Costume-Tortured Pets (don't let this happen to your animal!)

dog sunglasses

Don't let this dog's happy look fool you. Dogs are programmed to look happy when their masters want them to be. It's a victim response. If he weren't wearing sunglasses, you'd see the pain in his eyes.

dog beret

Yeah, yeah, "Oui, oui." It's soooo funny when you make your dog speak French and wear a beret. Well, he just oui oui'd in your purse!

dog jumpsuit

Sure, seeing a dog in a fleece jumpsuit might melt your heart. But it also melts the dog's ego into a pool of fuzzy blue hopelessness.

dog pink dress

This dog begged his veterinarian for Prozac after this.

dorothy wizard of oz costume dog

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, we get it. Man, this dog's owner is just like the Tin Man -- no frickin' heart.

dog wonder woman costume

Plucked right out of this dog's mind: I hate everyone and I want to blow up the universe.

Do you dress up your pet?


Image via Flickr: Emery_Way, Eco-Pup, digitalshay, annrkiszt, stevegatto2, istolethetv, and istolethetv




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music... musicmomma_89

I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but I totally think dressing up pets is cruel and idiotic. Your dog/cat doesn't look cute or w/e he looks pathetic and humiliated. I have the same opinion for dog shows too though. People need to respect their pets and treat them like companions not play things.

emmas... emmasmama2007

totally agree^

It totally annoys me when my brother's wife does this. Seriously, dogs don't need clothes they have their fur.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Gotta depart from you guys, sort of, on this one.  I've got a Golden Retriever, and I put boots (knee-high ones, no less!) on him all the time.  Why? Because when he was young, he was playing in the snow and his pads got a little sensitive.  Now, if he's out too long barefoot in the winter, he ends up favoring one foot over the other.  So he wears boots and can stay out and play much longer.  He also wears a hunter-orange "vest" when we go for walks during hunting season - safety first.

Short-haired dogs, like that Chinese Crested in the blue fleece up there... if they live in states that get wicked cold in winter, they need extra help to stay warm.  The coat simply isn't there to keep them warm.

So I totally agree with you on the whole costume thing, but as for practical or safety measures, I say, dress them up!


 I have two breeds that are intolerant of extremes in temps. They have simple fleece coats for outings when it is freezing,  they actually love their jackets and it makes them comfortable to go for walks and do things outside when they would otherwise be freezing and miserable.  I admit, I have dressed them in a costume long enough for a quick photo op, but I don't make them actually wear stuff for more than a minute or two, just long enough to get a snapshot.  People who get Chihuahuas and Yorkies and other itty bitty dogs and buy them entire wardrobes (dresses, shoes, hats, etc) and make them wear clothing all the time blow my mind..

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I think if the dog needs protection from the elements (like tiny/small breeds, greyhounds, whippets, etc), or footwear for protection from snow/ice/chemicals in melting agents - fine.  If it's truly dress-up, my deepest, deepest sympathy to your animal.

gogetem gogetem

Yup.  Some animals need protection.  See, we've completely devastated and morphed the dog and cat to fit our wantsand  visual appeal.  While humans have been able to taylor pets, the climates don't taylor with them.  Dog breeds from different climates were also imported all over the world with bodies not built for it.  Not forgetting to mention consistent breeding of the weak, meek, jittery runts of a litter to make "teacups".

Dress-up?  Eh.  Most of them hate it it and we do it at their expense.  Some of them associate it, though, with getting lots and lots of sappy attention so for them it's a good thing.

Horses are another story.

nonmember avatar Nia

Although I do find the above pictures over the top, it is true that some dogs do need protection form cold. I ow dogs that wont go outside because of the cold. Most of them "objected" when dressed for the first time, but when they realized they weren't cold any more, they accepted it. I don't think dogs in general care if they wear a frilly pink lace dress or a simple fleece coat (as long as they're not cold anymore), but at the same time the choice of the clothing tells us much about the owner...

Tiffany Fisher

i myself dont,but my greandmother had a manchester terrior/pug mix that she had a coat for that he worse outside for walks when it was cold-and heLOVED it! he would run and hide when it was time to take it off and would walk around all proud when he had it on.  some hate them others dont-it depends on the animal but if yours clearly hates it please dont-its not right think of a giant comming up to you and making you run around naked and walking you infront of other people-this is about the embarrisment they feel

No_Di... No_Difference

Even tho I have an extremely fluffy dog and doesn't technically "need" his coat - he wears one when the snow is deeper than him otherwise it literally clumps so badly in his fur that after it melts he's all matted and needs to be shaven down - and then needs the coat to stay warm because he has no fur! If there isn't much snow out (like where we are now) then he doesn't get it.  The only time we "dress" him up is Halloween when we go walking around with the kids...and then its a T-shirt that stays on for the short walk to get candy.  We get home - it comes off and gets packed up with the rest of the Halloween decorations.  This is why the only 2 clothing items for our dog we have is his winter "coat" (which is rarely used) and his "costume" which is worn for no more than 15 minutes while we walk around the neighborhood for candy on Halloween. Otherwise I can't stand dressed up pets.  Who wants to pet scratchy material when theres such soft fur underneath!

Ron Bank

Hello, my name is Abelie. I am an Italian Greyhound and live at IG Ranch. I would be freezing without my turtleneck! Just thought you should know, LOL!

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