National Dress Up Your Pet Day: Boycott & End Pet Torture! (Photos)

dog blue coat runningI don't care if some animal torturer parading as an animal lover named January 14th National Dress Up Your Pet Day. That doesn't mean you have to partake! Dogs and cats don't want to wear clothes. They are not cold. They don't want to play dress-up. They don't feel naked without their tutus. It wasn't Eve the Cocker Spaniel that bit into the apple, people, it was Eve, the woman. Thus, women want to wear clothes. Not dogs. Not cats. Got it?

But we think it's soooo cute, don't we? Well, it's time to put an end to the torture. It's just not natural to dress up your animals. This poor dog at the right actually thought he could outrun that blue coat. Poor dude. He ran for 47 miles, but I'm glad he could amuse you. Glad you found it adorable.

Let's give some self-respect back to our pets today by boycotting this torturous made-up holiday. Not on board with the boycott? Well, maybe the following horrifying photos of costume-tortured animals will change your mind ...


Costume-Tortured Pets (don't let this happen to your animal!)

dog sunglasses

Don't let this dog's happy look fool you. Dogs are programmed to look happy when their masters want them to be. It's a victim response. If he weren't wearing sunglasses, you'd see the pain in his eyes.

dog beret

Yeah, yeah, "Oui, oui." It's soooo funny when you make your dog speak French and wear a beret. Well, he just oui oui'd in your purse!

dog jumpsuit

Sure, seeing a dog in a fleece jumpsuit might melt your heart. But it also melts the dog's ego into a pool of fuzzy blue hopelessness.

dog pink dress

This dog begged his veterinarian for Prozac after this.

dorothy wizard of oz costume dog

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, we get it. Man, this dog's owner is just like the Tin Man -- no frickin' heart.

dog wonder woman costume

Plucked right out of this dog's mind: I hate everyone and I want to blow up the universe.

Do you dress up your pet?


Image via Flickr: Emery_Way, Eco-Pup, digitalshay, annrkiszt, stevegatto2, istolethetv, and istolethetv


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