Pimping Out Octomom: Exactly What She Deserves

Octomom Nadya SulemanIs it just a matter of time now before you'll be able to buy Octomom Gone Wild in XXX stores? Possibly. Steven Hirsch, king of the porn studio Vivid Entertainment, has officially offered to pay the February mortgage payment to save Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids from eviction. Hirsch went straight to Octomom's note holder with his offer.

But obviously no one puts up an offer like that without expecting something skeevy in return. Clearly, he wants to trade her a house payment for some porn work. He's already offered her film work, which she's turned down. Now, by offering to save her home, he's working another angle.

Is this okay in any circumstance?


All Octomom jokes (and truths) aside -- fame whoring, mental instability, plastic surgery obsession, etc. -- I'm starting to feel queasy about this new turn of events. It was one thing when this was a joke, but this guy really is publicly trying to pimp out Octomom, a possibly financially desperate, possibly mentally unstable mother of 14.

Does Suleman, no matter how crazy in the head she might be, really deserve to be manipulated in this way? Is she getting what she deserves? Cause I don't think so. Doesn't she deserve psychological counseling instead? After all, there are 14 kids' lives at stake here. Fourteen!!!

I'm thinking maybe we should try to be a little more human about Octomom. Maybe another kind of money-drenched dude can offer a more civil helping hand? Anyone? Anyone? Dr. Drew?

I know it's nothing new, offering women, particularly fame-starved women on the verge of losing it all, money for their bodies, whether for a centerfold or a sex tape, but this case seems to be extra blatant and disgusting.

Hirsch said, "I can confirm that we have offered to pay Nadya's mortgage for the month of February. In the meantime, we will continue to do our due diligence and decide whether or not to purchase Amer Haddadin's $450,000 note." Has he no shame? Why does he want to publicize his pimpdom so much? To get press? To put the pressure on Suleman even more?

I guess it's all those little people involved that's really getting to me, and, no matter her problems, she's their mom and they're in her care.

What do you think of Hirsch trying to pimp out Suleman so blatantly?


Image via Star Magazine


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