5 Diseases You Can Catch From the ATM

germs on the atmSo it's someone's job to go around swabbing ATM machines and toilets and comparing the results. Be thankful it's not yours. Because these guys discovered that a key pad on the ATM carries more infectious diseases than a public toilet. Didn't see that coming, did ya?

Yep, it's time to start wiping down the key pad before you enter your digits. And screw that guy behind you who's in a hurry. His lunch can wait, because germs have got nothing but time.

But they don't tell us exactly what we're going to get when we go to get a twenty. So in that case, I'm just going to assume these are the most common ailments you can expect to take home with your receipt.

  1. The Trots
  2. The Flu (maybe even the Swine kind!)
  3. Herpes
  4. Common Cold
  5. Shopoholicism

Just because you've avoided these germs thus far, don't think you're safe forever. In fact, I'm thinking that a great boutique business would be some kind of ATM pad cover, not unlike those crazy shopping cart seat covers people buy to protect their babies from killer grocery store germs. Fingertip covers, anyone? It's either that or carrying a can of Lysol with you whenever you need babysitter money.

In the meantime you should really be aware that your money is just as dirty as the bank it comes from.

Are you going to start sanitizing the ATM before you use it?

Image via redspotted/Flickr

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