Adopt Celebrity 'Hoarders' Rats: Free to a Good Home

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Glen's rats on Hoarders finale

You know how it is. You find something for your home that you like, and you get really obsessed about it, and suddenly you have a collection and then everywhere you go, even when you try not to think about, you see these collectibles and you can't help but collect some more. Then one day you just look around your house and, ta dah, a bonafide collector you are!

Well, unfortunately, I missed the Hoarders finale on A&E last night, but apparently Glen, the episode's featured "client," had his own very special collection -- of rats! About 1,000 rats all over his house!

Kind of puts your Fiestaware collection to shame now doesn't it?


Well, if you find yourself feeling more sorry for the rats than for Glen, then you might like to know that his 1,000 rats are now up for adoption by the Humane Society. They were moved from L.A. to San Jose where they will be adopted out. You can find out more about adopting one of these pets at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose, where the rodents are being temporarily housed.

But be warned that you should keep these pets to a minimum. After all, here's what Glen shared about his beloved rats:

They're in furniture, up in ceilings, in the walls, in the mattresses, everywhere ... They're totally out of control. They'd crawl up in a pillow and start pulling my hair out, trying to make nesting material out of it.

Eek! When your favorite collections begin to make nests in your hair at night, it's time to seek help.

Would you like to adopt one of Glen's rats?


Image via Allie Is Wired

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