Verizon iPhone: 5 Reasons NOT to Get One (or Not Yet)

Verizon iphoneVerizon iPhone vs. AT&T iPhone -- what's the difference for us moms anyway? Does everyone really think they can just get on Verizon's lightning fast network with their new iPhones and everything will be okay? Like magic? Life will suddenly be better. Yeah, right!

Think again. We mean it, stop and think for a minute before jumping on the phone and cutting ties with your old provider and jumping into a contract with a new provider. Consider the pros and cons before magical thinking your way into blowing $200+ just to end up right where you started -- in an imperfect world with imperfect devices ...

Here are five things to consider before switching to the Verizon iPhone as fast as you can.


5 Reason NOT to Get the Verizon iPhone (or Not Yet):

  1. Not the Best of Verizon: The first Verizon iPhone may only work on the older 3G Verizon network -- sure, their network is bigger and more reliable than AT&T's; however, 3G data speeds are much slower than new 4G networks both AT&T and Verizon are working on. So is it really changing anything extraordinarily to switch?
  2. No Multitasking: You can't talk and use web-enabled apps at the same time with Verizon 3G phones. And every mom is a multitasker, right? How are we supposed talk to our husbands and text our kids simultaneously like we're used to doing?
  3. Moolah: You may have to pay a termination fee to switch providers if you're under contract already. That's the price of a new pair of shoes, mama! And mama NEVER gets a new pair of shoes. Consider if a short wait until your contract is up, when they'll surely be working out all the bugs anyway, is worth saving that little bit of money (for shoes).
  4. iPhone 5 Is Coming: Rumor has it a new iPhone 5, a 4G device, is due out this summer with AT&T. Might be best to wait for it! Verizon may have to wait until next January to get the iPhone 5. So you'll be ahead of the game for like a millisecond.
  5. Too Fast!: Let's face it. Our lives are fast enough as it is. Do we really need anything to get faster? Are faster load times really going to improve our lives -- or just make room for us to cram more activities and coordinating tasks into our days. No, thank you! I think I'll just sit here and enjoy my slower load times whilst sitting on my duff for a few minutes, oh yeah ...

Are you going to make the switch from AT&T to Verizon? Why or why not?


Image via Verizon


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