Worst Housewarming Gifts EVER (PHOTOS)

worst housewarming giftsWhen my husband and I got married, we received a wedding gift that we really, really wanted to return. The problem was it was a work of "art," and rather than trying to sort out what gallery might accept it back into its own home, we tried instead to pawn it off on my in-laws. They managed to sneak it back into our suitcase before we left, and ever since then the wooden couple having sex has remained closeted in our home, never to see the light of day. 

Curbed turned me onto the website Why Did You Buy Me That? where people on the receiving end of crap go to share their tales, and came up with some of the best (worst) house accessories ever given as gifts. Which is making me re-think my less than generous assessment of our wedding gift. Upside down horse as wine holder, anyone?

So I did a search myself and found some even more frightening house gifts. Check out these other gems from Why Did You Buy Me That? and vote on your favorite (awful) piece of work.


worst housewarming giftsNext time, please just get me a Ginsu.

worst housewarming giftsIs it a cat? A giraffe? Either way it will guarantee no overnight guests for fear of being attacked in the middle of the night by the ancient catiraffe.

worst housewarming giftsWhoever got you this is pretty sure you're open to Scientology. Just sayin'.

worst housewarming giftsAnd whoever got you this has an awesome sense of humor.


Which one is the worst housewarming gift you could imagine?

Images via Why Did You Buy Me That?

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