Sofia Coppola Admits Internet Porn Addiction

Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola
Okay, it's not what you think. No, writer, director of the new movie Somewhere, mother of two, and total girl crush Sofia Coppola is not hitting XXX sites on the web. Save that for the dudes.

No, Ms. Coppola loves to indulge in the perusal of online real estate. "My friends and I say it's like online porn for women," she tells O, The Oprah Magazine in the January issue.

Oh wow, it's so true!


Between design magazines and real estate sites, there is so much for women to lust for on the Internet these days. Sure, I suppose we could be fantasizing over all the hot man flesh that surely can be found online these days, but why would we when there are villas and boutique warehouse lofts and private tropical islands over which to drool?

Glossed up manly muscles or glossed up hardwood floors? Button fly jeans wide open or wide open floor plans with views of the big city or the rolling hillside? Steamy sexual fantasies with handsome strangers or steamy home-alone fantasies in a luxury apartment -- add a slab chocolate cake, a fork, and a personal decorator to the fantasy for a surefire climactic experience?

Does this sound about right to you? Well then, get ready, ladies. These interior and exterior views might just take you over the edge.

Oh yes, a Mediterranean cliffside villa -- the Palazzo Santa Croce in Positano, Italy is just $11.2 million.

Palazzo Santa Croce Positano Italy

Or how about an artsy and adorable San Francisco boutique warehouse pad? Just $1.2 million. I'll take two.

san francisco home warehouse loft

Or how about a private island off the coast of Belize City -- 14 tropical acres all to yourself for a mere $5.5 million. Oh, oh, oh!

belize island private

What do you think? Are real estate fantasies better than the XXX kind or not?


Images via SplashNews, NYT (via World Real Estate Immobiliare), Redfin (via Curbed), and Luxist


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