Octomom & Kids About to Be Homeless?

octomomJust when you thought she couldn't get any more irresponsible: Nadya Suleman is facing eviction for a second time! Most people wouldn't even pursue a mortgage at that point, but not Octomom! Didn't you know that those babies were supposed to make her a fortune?

Well, her meal ticket didn't pan out and now she's about to be out on her liposuctioned butt.


Earlier this year, she was on the chopping block for failing to make a $450,000 balloon payment on the house she owns. That balloon payment was the result of a seriously hinky mortgage arrangement between her father and Amar Haddadin -- the guy who got her the house after the banks wouldn't grant her a mortgage.

An equally hinky deal was worked out to keep her and the kids in the house, but now the same balloon payment has come due again -- and guess who doesn't have the money?

Not only does Suleman not have the money for the balloon payment, but she hasn't been making her $4,000 monthly payments either.

I get that times are tough all around, but why accept a million-dollar house with no way to pay for it? She had those babies as a means to her own ends and it backfired. She doesn't just deserve to lose the house, she deserves to lose those kids as well, before anything worse than an eviction befalls them.


Image via Deceiver

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