Is Disney Dream a Nightmare for Parents?


If there was ever an ultimate kid vacation, a five-night stay aboard the newest and biggest Disney cruise ship, Disney Dream, is where it's at.

The vessel, which sailed into its homeport in Port Canaveral, Florida earlier this week and sets forth on its maiden voyage on January 26, weighs in at 130,000 tons of fun. In fact, it looks like perhaps the Disney Imagineers have really outdone themselves with this one -- ermmmmm, maybe a little too much. Before you call your travel agent, it may be helpful to review some of the amenities that might be dreamy for kids but nightmarish for parents. Let's start with the cost ... 

Cost: At more than $1,400 per person for a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas, this is no cheap steal.

Kid's take: Mommmmm I wanna go on the Disney butt! Yes, that's what I said -- the boat. It's HUGE! What do you mean it costs a lot of money? I'll give up my allowance for a whole two weeks if that helps. Daaaadd I wanna go on the big butt! Ooh, I'll bring my autograph book!

Parent's take: The price of this vacation IS a dream (and a nightmare!). OK OK, so you've never been to Disney World. Sure, we can go on the big boat. But don't expect to go anywhere else for a very long time. The economy's tight. 


The Aquaduck Water Coaster: The first water coaster at sea, this 765-foot-long waterslide has a four-deck drop and even dips over the ship's edge.

Kid's take: This is SO COOL! A roller coaster on water! I can totally conquer my fear of roller coasters for this thingy. Will they let me wear my floaties? Can I go on this ALL DAY!?

Parent's take: I wonder how well trained the lifeguards are on this ship. They better be paying attention to my kid. Man, I'm so excited to sacrifice my day of lounging in the sun to stand by the shallow end of the kiddie pool waiting for my 12-year-old to come down this slide 12 times. Maybe picking a cruise line with a simple waterslide would have been better ... where are the daiquiris?


The 9-hole mini golf course: The Disney Dream isn't the first ship to bring mini golf onto the high seas, but it certainly fits well into the plethora of on-board entertainment options.

Kid's take: I'm so good at mini golf. Wait, why aren't any of my balls going in the hole? Moooooooooooooooommm. The ship's moving too much. I don't want to do this any more. Can we go get some more free ice cream?

Parent's take: Finally, a chance for this proud papa to work on his short game. Steady-as-she goes, a solid birdie! What do you mean you want to go get ice cream? OK, mom will take you. I'll stay here.


The Oceaneer Club: The ultimate kid's entertainment palace, complete with four interactive-themed rooms featuring your favorite characters, loads of TVs, computers, playscapes, and mats for a little nap time!

Kid's take: This. Is. Awesome. There's Andy's room from Toy Story! And look, Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., and oooooh Tinker Bell!

Parent's take: They give us a pager if anything goes wrong? I'm liking this. Have fun with the other kiddos while we go upstairs and enjoy some mommy and daddy time! And don't forget to give our regards to Nemo!

Would you cruise on the Disney Dream?

To see a photo tour of the ship, click HERE.


Image via USAToday



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betha... bethany169

The only thing I can do at 1400 bucks a pop is pay my mortgage each month LOL  And that doesn't even count airfare to Florida, right?  My in-laws live 15 minutes from Disneyland, that's all the Disney my kids will get growing up...

hotic... hoticedcoffee

No interest, but my aunt and uncle are footing the bill for their entire brood (my 2 cousins with their spouses and kids - 10 people, total) to cruise on The Dream next month.  To think, they're going to end up shelling out a year's tuition at state college for 6 days on a boat! 

shane... shanesgirl

Did a Disney cruise last spring break.Kids had a blast.  Loved it, but very expensive.  We'll cruise again, but a cheaper line.  All cruise lines have kids stuff built in, just not as kid focused.  Plus I was really sick of Disney music after 3 days!

Mamab... MamabearC

My family of 6 would never be able to afford it unless we won the lottery(which is un-likely)>It's cheaper for all of us to take a vacation to Disneyland itself...and probably a better and more memorable experience(with less stress on me&hubby) anyway.

nonmember avatar Michelle

My family and I love ALL things Disney, but after seeing the price, I knew it would never happen. For the three of us to do the new cruise out of New York, we could spend the same amount and go stay IN Disney for additional day or two (and that's with getting there from New England!) As much as we'd love to do a Disney cruise, it's way too much money. We'll stick to the land in regards to Disney and do a less expensive cruise with another cruiseline.

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