Lindsay Lohan Stalks Samantha Ronson From Next Door

lindsay lohan townhouse home condoOh, Lindsay Lohan? What is going on with you now? You're finally out of rehab at Betty Ford -- fifth time's a charm, right? -- and now you've chosen to rent and move into -- of all the places in L.A. -- the Venice Beach townhouse next door to your ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Sorry, Sam. We feel for you. Seriously, LiLo just doesn't know how crazy she is ...

But I guess, if you are going to rent a new home from which to stalk your ex, you might as well make it a great-looking place, which it is -- nicer, in fact, than most the homes of the drug addicts pending assault charges I've known. However, with rent at more than $7K a month, it's apparent that Lindsay hasn't yet blown through (pun intended) all her dough.

Let's take a look inside the new stalker palace.


I don't know much about DJ Samantha Ronson's personal affairs, but her tumultuous relationship with Lindsay was well covered in the tabloids. I never got the impression that Sam was an angel, but it seems Lindsay was often drinking and drugging beyond control and getting psycho on her, which ultimately led Sam to get a restraining order against her. They broke up in 2009.

And now Lindsay is moving in next door to her. *sigh*

Inside Lindsay Lohan's pretty Venice Beach condo:

lindsay lohan living room

What a bright and airy living room with large windows (great to stalk Sam's place through).

lindsay lohan kitchen

Nice-sized kitchen with mahogany cabinetry and Carrera marble countertops (great place to cook up her best spy plans).

lindsay lohan bedroom

Lovely bedroom (the telescope will fit nicely in the corner).

And Sam, word of advice, you might want to bring your killer dog back to live with you. Just sayin'. Never hurts to be too cautious.

Is Lindsay Lohan completely off her rocker moving in next door to Samantha?


Images via The Real Estalker via Coldwell Banker and Zillow

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