Best Cat YouTube Videos of 2010 for the Crazy Cat Lady

cat videosIf you aren't amused by cat videos, then I don't want to know you. I can literally spend hours surfing YouTube for kitties doing silly things. As far I'm concerned, it's right up there with brushing teeth on life's priorities -- gotta have my twice-a-day dose of cat videos. Luckily for us cat lovers, there hasn't been a shortage of videos this past year, and the nice folks over at Gawker put together a montage of them. Cats attacking alligators to storming IKEA, all rolled up into one awesome video ... what more could you want?


Here is the full list of the videos included:

It's quite a collection, and if you've seen more than half of these, you may deem yourself a crazy cat lady (I've seen 90% of them, go figure). Unfortunately, my favorite didn't make it. Even though it was uploaded at the end of 2009, it didn't make the viral rounds until 2010, so I was still hoping it'd make the cut:

Oh, and don't worry, they've created a montage of the best dog videos of 2010 for all of you canine lovers as well.

How many of these videos have you seen? Which is your favorite?


Image via YouTube

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