Pole Dancing Studio Makes for a Classy Neighborhood

pole dancingResidents of Hollywood, Florida are concerned that a new pole dancing exercise studio slated to open soon is going to class down the neighborhood.

Pole dancing workout classes are a form of exercise that became popular about, oh I don't know, a MILLION years ago. True, the moves can be sexy and erotic; but the focus of the classes is exercise and fitness in a fun, feminine environment.

Some residents -- including the Commissioner -- are worried that people are going to mistake the studio for a strip club and that it will damage the area's squeaky clean image. Do they know something we don't? Here's their curious rationalization:


Commissioner Patty Asseff is particularly offended by the pink walls and pictures of half-dressed women in the window:

The next thing you know is we're going to have people out there sitting on the street, watching these people pole dancing, and I just don't find that's what hometown Hollywood is all about.

Is there nothing else to do in Hollywood, Florida, than sit in the street and spy on amateur pole dancers who are trying to get in shape? If so, the town likely has a few more problems than a pole dancing studio entering its mix.

Studio owner Susana Morales promises to keep it clean with plenty of drapes and no nudity in an effort to appease the folk who are concerned about the neighborhood going to the dogs.

Personally, I think a pole dancing studio is nothing but an asset to a neighborhood. It's good for commerce and public health; plus, there's a fun, sexy, and most important, convenient place to workout. Seriously, how do towns survive without them?

Would you want a pole dancing studio in your neighborhood?

Image via katielips/Flickr

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