Bristol Palin: A Real Estate Genius?

Bristol Palin HomeAnyone buying or selling a home right now can tell you that it's tough out there. Sellers aren't wanting to lower prices down to what buyers can actually afford. But at 20 years old, Bristol Palin recently purchased her very first home, and I gotta give the girl credit, she made some extremely smart and mature decisions.

Instead of going the route that so many young, ahem, celebrities, go -- blowing all of their recently earned cash on an expansive mansion -- she bought a 3,900-square-foot property in a quaint Arizona subdivision.


Admittedly, the house is a far cry from your average 20-year-old's home, but given her yearly earnings are not that of the typical college student working at the campus cafeteria, she can afford it. She receives approximately $15,000 to $30,000 per each abstinence lecture she makes appearances for, not to mention her recent Dancing With the Stars stint earned her a pretty penny, receiving $125,000 just for signing up and an additional $10,000-$50,000 per each episode. What I'm trying to say is, the girl has cash. But she's smart with it.

The house that she bought is five years old -- so no brand spanking new price tag, but also new enough that major home repairs won't be needed -- and originally was sold for $349,560. Bristol bought it for half that price, at $172,000 after it went into foreclosure by a previous owner, fixed up by the next owner, and then resold. She also paid for it in full, which obviously is impossible for the average homeowner, but the fact that she will not have a mortgage payment to be responsible for will help her maintain her lifestyle in case those abstinence lectures or reality show demands decrease.

When you're 20 years old and suddenly have a lot of money to play with, it's hard not to go crazy, but Bristol managed to keep a good head on her shoulders about it and bought a home that's suitable for her and baby Tripp.

What do you think of Bristol Palin's purchase?


Image via Maricopa Real Estate

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