Octomom: Will New Prince Charming Save Her Home?

Steven Hirsch Vivid Entertainment
Steven Hirsch
I'm sure "Octomom" Nadya Suleman has been patiently awaiting a sugar daddy in shining armor to save her from the mess that is her not-a-fairytale life, parenting 14 children on her own while going broke. Of course, Steven Hirsch -- the president of the Vivid Entertainment XXX empire -- is not so much a Prince Charming, I guess, as he is a Prince Pornographer ... Not sure if Hirsch is the Romeo that Octomom has in mind -- but in these tough times, maybe he soon will be.

Hirsch has been actively pursuing Suleman with a portfolio of financial offers, the most recent an offer to buy the $450K note on the house she's about to lose for failure to pay. Without help, Octomom and her brood might very well become a homeless family of 15.

Is Octomom, now that she might really lose her family's home, finally desperate enough to except Hirsch's dirty offers?


According to TMZ, Hirsch has already offered Octomom porn star work, production assistant work, and a "party hostess" job, all of which she has turned down. But that hasn't stopped this dude. He must believe there is something really lucrative in this for him.

Does he think Octomom has that special brand of top-selling XXX star power? Another salacious household name like Amy Fisher that can sell films maybe? But Amy Fisher got famous for screwing an old dude and shooting his wife out of jealousy. Octomom just had a gazillion fatherless kids -- no sex involved.

But then again, I'm sure Hirsch has an uncanny skill set for preying on down-and-out women at just the right time in their lives -- you know, right when just about any guy offering up the dough to save them from destitution starts to look an awful lot like Prince Charming.

Hirsch is supposed to be meeting with Amer Haddadin, the current note-holder on Octomom's house, today. Does this mean Octomom is considering his offer? 

What do you think of Octomom's possible deal with the porn king? Was it just a matter of time?


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