Earthship Homes: Housing for the Ultimate Green Fiend

eco friendly homeGreetings, Earthlings. Due to your severe lack of respect for your planet, you will have to soon live in these self-sustaining homes made entirely of recycled materials called Earthships. These solar houses are a combination of architecture and biology, with thermal mass construction, renewable energy, and an integrated water system, which will ultimately cause your family to have little or no utility bills.

Okay, so we may not all be living in these super green houses in the future, but if you desire to practically have a non-existent carbon footprint on our world, it's nice to have this option.


It all seems super futuristic -- homes made from cans, bottles, and tires that heat and cool themselves, collect their own power from the sun and wind, harvest their own water, and produce a significant amount of food -- as if it's right out of a science fiction movie. But the crazy thing is that these houses actually exist.

eco friendly home

There are only a handful of Earthships for sale, the majority constructed in desert areas such as New Mexico and Phoenix, but hey, who knows, if they are a hit, we may all be living in our own self-sustaining compounds one day.

Depending on location and size, they range from $109,000 to $1.5 million. But remember, your utility bills will be cut significantly, down to approximately $150 a year for propane gas for cooking and back-up hot water. Most people spend more than that in just a single month. You can also try them out before buying, as they have rentals available from $120-$160/night.

eco friendly home

And being green doesn't mean you have to live like a monk. Owners are still connected to the modern world with flat screen TVs and Wi-Fi (thank god ... for a second there I thought we'd have to give up Jersey Shore) and they're stocked with a full kitchen (you're just receiving the food from your own personal, veggie-stocked greenhouse).

Everything that is an issue for our environment -- landfills, water, energy -- is seemingly answered with this type of construction; however I have a feeling that the unconventional way of living will still keep it from becoming mainstream. (Sorry, Mother Nature.)

Would you live in a home like this?


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