Fine Art of Snow Penises: A Sculptural Exhibition

snow penis newsResidents along North 7th Street in Lafayette, Indiana are "disgusted" this week over some penis snow sculptures, uh, erected by their neighbors in their front yard. Yep, first we have a racist snowman in Idaho and now X-rated snow sculptures in Indiana. What's going on in the middle of the nation? Maybe the 3.8 earthquake in Indiana this morning will keep the "artists" minds off building more penises for awhile.

But then again, snow penises are a fine art, you know? Building a snow penis is no easy or talentless task. It's an art that evolves until the artist moves onto X-rated cake making or another specialty profession. Snow penises have been around, perhaps, for as long as penises have been around, which is quite awhile. Let's take a look.

(Warning: lots of snow penises after the jump)


The Evolution of Snow Penis Sculpture Making

snow penis drawing

Some of the finest snow penis sculpture artists started with a simple snow penis drawing like this one, usually when the artist is around 10 years old.

snowman penis

The art of snow penis sculpting usually starts like this. With a stick no one knew what to do with.

snowman penis

Then it usually evolves into this. So the penis more accurately matches the snowman's body.

snow penis

It's not uncommon for teams of artists (almost always male for some reason) to collaborate to make snow penis masterpieces in amazing detail.

(I know it's tough to look, but some of the finest artistic expressions are very difficult to look at)

penis testicles genitals male snow

Wow, this snow artist must have really really small, uh, snow boots.

Washington Monument snow

Snow penises have perhaps inspired some of the most amazing works of architecture and art in these here United States of America.

Maybe it's time the snow penis earned a little respect. What do you think?


Image via WLFI, DEJP/Flickr, Sheri Reed, koadmunkee/Flickr, oFace Killah/Flickr,  the_moog/Flickr, ronin_z_e_r_o

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