Inside Real Housewife Phaedra Parks' Tacky Home (PHOTOS)

phaedra parks homeThe Real Housewives aren't exactly known for subtlety and humility. Kim Zolciak has monstrous sexy portraits of herself hanging in the dining room, and we're all well aware of the costs of jewelry, surgery, cars and just ... overall bling.

They've got money and they want everyone to know it, and Phaedra "High Class" Parks is no exception. From her strange guitar collection to lacquered surfaces galore, her home decor screams tack and insensitivity.

Take the tour and see Phaedra's house for yourself!


phaedra parks home
Phaedra's also chosen to grace her home with a monument to herself -- but at least she had the good sense to include the other Housewives in her portrait.

phaedra parks home

Yes, that's more shiny red that you see here. She seems to have confused today with the 80s just a little bit.

phaedra parks home

Phaedra's signed guitar collection, which oddly is made up entirely of all white artists. Odd, because she's openly criticized her own husband several times for being part white.

phaedra parks home

Hmmm. What's wrong with this picture? No, nope, it's not the shiny red. It's the framed Michael Vick jersey. If ever there was a time for a "WTF?", it's now.

What do you think of Phaedra's decor choices?


Images via Wet Paint

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