Bristol Palin: Inside Her Giant Arizona House (Photos)

Bristol Palin homeYou know you want to see inside the new Arizona home of Bristol Palin. Don't you, don't you?

We, too, were curious to see the enormous 3,900-square-foot foreclosure home that Bristol recently purchased with $172,000 cash. Because that's a lot of square footage and cash for a single 20-year old with unnamed plans in Arizona.

Although the rumor mill has Bristol Palin attending college at Arizona State University (ASU), Chris Callahan, the dean of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU, denies this gossip. Bristol Palin is "not a student. She hasn't applied. It is pure fiction," says Callahan. "If anybody had called and asked me that, we would have been glad to tell them."


When I was 20 years old, I was in college, working a couple jobs, and living in a 1-bedroom apartment with my best friend and a guy friend of ours. He got the bedroom, and my best friend and I shared the dining room as a bedroom. We hung a curtain between the dining room and the minuscule living room, I think. The place was tiny, so I'm a little aghast to see the size of Bristol's first home.

If only when I was 20 my mom was the conservative Alaskan governor turned vice presidential candidate ... and if only I got knocked up by a total creep and learned how to dance a little on national TV ... oh wait, nevermind ...

Okay, let's take a peek inside Bristol's house:

Bristol Palin kitchen

Bristol Palin dining room

Bristol Palin backyard

In any case, this looks like a great starter home for the single mom. Plenty of room for her son Tripp to run free. Nothing too extravagant going on but loads of room and wide open beige space to make her very own.

What size house or apartment did you live in at age 20?


Top image via Maricopa Real Estate; other images via Shelterpop

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